Ethernet/IP & Ethernet TCP/IP to DH+ / DH-485

DataLink Technologies Gateways, Inc. is an engineering company, providing a single converter, multi-protocol gateway for (AB) Allen Bradley PLC users;  providing a one-box protocol DH+/DH-485 converter between Ethernet/IP, AB Ethernet,  ModTCP and serial (DF1, ASCII, Modbus) protocols. Custom engineering to AB Data Highway Plus (DH+) and DH-485 are available.

The GW1000 platform is a lower priced ($1,250 list), multi-protocol gateway that performs like a “mini” DH+ Controllogix gateway that can be easily converted by the client for other applications including serial DF1, ASCII, Modbus, ModTCP & custom to AB’s DH+ and DH-485.

Thousands of GW1000s are now successfully operating around the world. You can trust our product stability & reliability.  All our products come with a 5 year warranty, 30 day money back guarantee / no restocking charge.

Micrologix PLCs to SLC 5/04 PLC

We are looking for a system to take some downtime information off of several Micrologix PLCs and link them to a SLC 5/04 PLC ?

Our Solution:
This solution will allow the Micrologix (AB Ethernet) to access the nodes on DH+.

USB/Serial Interface to DH+

GW1000-DHP1$1,250USD List
USB/Serial Interface to DH+ 
The GW1000-DHP1 is a USB/serial, compact alternative to Allen-Bradley’s 1770-KF2. Also provides the same functionality as the 1784-KTX, 1784-PKTX, 1784-PCMK, 1784-U2DHP or SST 5136-SD. The GW1000-DHP1 is a low cost, compact alternative to Allen-Bradley’s 1770-KF2. Also provides the same functionality as the 1784-P(KTX), 1784-PCMK or SST 5136-SD.The DataLink converts A-B DF1, (Modbus & ASCII also available) serial protocol to A-B DH+ network protocol providing a serial interface to DH+ for computers, modems and OEM equipment. Applications include PLC programming and graphical user interfaces (GUIs and MMIs) such as RSLINX, RSLOGIX, Wonderware, Kepare, Intellution, Citect, etc. The serial DF1 to DH+ conversion protocol available in the GW1000-DHP1 is the same one available in the GW1000 product. The GW1000”s size, portability, and the choice between a freestanding and DIN rail model make it especially convenient for use in the office, the plant floor, or when travelling.